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Thread: New Generation 2 Sccy 9mm for $225. Your choice of Black or Two-Tone,

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    I like it for a back up piece, how does the trigger compare to the Ruger LC9?

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    c An u still get these, what's cost for shipping to mo, never bought a gun online,, what's the process with this, would like the blk, and do u carry holsters,, I prefer open carry, leg holster type,thanks, Shane,
    [email protected]

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    What's the difference between the CPX-1 and CPX-2, the CPX-1 has a manual safety, but is that all.


  5. Man I want one or maybe 2 if possable please let me know asap. [email protected] is my email address please contact me. Thanks

  6. I'm interested in the two tone

  7. Please send me an Email if it's still Available [email protected]

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    I still can't anymore for now. The price will be $240 when I do due to Sccy raising their prices.

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    I had the CPX gen2 and I was able to get $100 dollars for it in a trade!
    I'm not going into detail but if I had to do it all over again... I wouldn't!!

  10. Look like solid made guns and I had seen one up close but have a Taurus Slim. I like that one but the SCCY grips are looking pretty good.

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