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    does anyone know where to buy a used or new sig p-238?

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    Almost every gun shop I have ever been to has them. They have become a very popular pistol :-) I bought mine at a gun show, there must of been 5 different stands with p238. are you having trouble finding one? Or a specific color?

  4. Im not sure where you live, but at least here on the west side of Michigan all the local gun shops have them, including the different models of the P238. If there is a dealer here in Michigan that doesn't have one, then they can order you one from Sig. I know this because I was pricing them over the past couple of days. The good new is that I purchased one this evening from my local dealer. I got the P238 Equinox edition. Sweet, sweet little gun.


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    thanks for getting back to me. i live near the rochester ny area. they want close to 700.00 for them. i've heard people buying them for 500.00.

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