WTS - 7.62 & .308 ammo
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    WTS - 7.62 & .308 ammo

    (I am in eastern NE)

    7.62 x 51:
    Federal XM80762, 147gr FMJ with Nato stamp. 1960 rounds. (98 bxs)
    Winchester white box 7.62, 147gr FMJ with Nato stamp also. 200 rnds.

    American Eagle, by Federal, 150gr BTFMJ. (Red box) 480 rnds. (24 bxs)
    Of note, Cheaper Than Dirt shows $12.79/bx, 8/28/11, for the .308.

    (All ammo in 20 rnd boxes)

    Also have several sizes of M1-A mags, assorted cleaning accessories and cleaning/care DVD all unopened. Also a quality leather sling, unopened.

    Will let any ammo go for $8.00/bx. I'll eat shipping for purchase of 50 boxes or more, will split shipping if less bought. PM me and lets hammer something out. Not sure what shipping actually costs, particularly if it matters that it's ammo... But all shipped signature required and of course, must be at least 18 yrs old. What else is usually put in these ads? How about going once, twice...

    Hell, if someone buys all the ammo they can have the mags, sling, cleaning stuff, etc as well... Otherwise, I could let the accessories go for a really, really low price. What am I gunna do with it?
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    I am interested in the .308. I live in Council Bluffs. Please email me: [email protected]

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