WTS Ruger LNib LC9
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Thread: WTS Ruger LNib LC9

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    WTS Ruger LNib LC9

    I am wanting a Samsung or Motorola Ipad thingy so up goes my LNIB Ruger LC9 for sale asking $400 NE FL FTF
    I can take some pictures, but it looks just like all the other LC9's out there.

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    I can get a brand new one for $360

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    I can get an LC9 for $342.00 new.

    Lower the price to $300.00 you will have better luck.

  5. Who would sell their gun to buy an electronic toy? ;-)

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    You will need the LC9 when some tries to steal your Ipad thingy if it isn't broken or obsolete in a year. Your price is too high, and self control your urges.
    Help your own self - the Government is busy takin' care of itself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radamateur View Post
    Who would sell their gun to buy an electronic toy? ;-)
    People who buy Hi-points, Lorcins or 1911s.

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    OK, lets see if I can answer all these comments from all you guys out there that feel the need to tell others what price to ask for someone else's stuff.

    1. jfjfxray - Ruger has them on there web site for $443. You are in Texas, not Florida. I have seen LCP's advertized on some sites for about $250 in different states. Here they are $300, price vary from state to state. It has to do with supply and demand, Think back to high school economics.

    2. stingray2100 - See #1 above

    3. Radamateur - How about someone that has other guns ( Ruger 4" GP100 .357, Ruger Police Service Six .357, Ruger LCR .357, Ruger SR9c 9mm, Ruger LCP 380)

    4. Saltcreek - See #3 above, I think the others I have will be sufficiant to stop anyone who wants to steal my broken or obsolete thingy.

    5. G50AE - Just see all of the above, and as for the 1911's the firearm which was the standard-issue side arm for the United States armed forces from 1911 to 1985. The M1911 is still carried by some U.S. forces. It was widely used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Many Military Veterans perfer the M1911A1 .45 cal. over the less powerfull 9mm.

    I hope this answered your questions!

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    I can go to gunbroker and get one from FLORIDA for $345. Add $25 for ffl. So still less than what your asking. Guess by supply and demand you mean you want to get what you payed for a new gun from a used gun. I wasn't trying to be rude or mean when I posted what I could get one for, I was just trying to let you know what other people are paying for a new gun so that maybe you could get it sold faster.

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    Not trying to be rude or mean either! First off this is not my first rodeo I have bought and sold a few on other web sites. Second the add says NE. Fl. FTF, which means I am in North East Florida and am only selling Face To Face. I will not send thru the mail or a dealer. As for my responces I was just trying to point out that there are different prices for alot of things out in this country, like the lil LCP they are going for around $300 for just the gun here, but I have seen them on some websites in TX and GA. for $250 to $260 with ammo and extras, and dont forget the price of gas in each state. I myself, like alot of others out there do not like to buy thru a ffl or dealer or the internet we like to see, touch, feel, and hold what we are buying, I also like to see and show my CWP, there are to many crooked SOBs out there to take someones word that its in the mail and as advertized. Plus every thing I have doesnt need to be on some government list (which happens when you buy thru the above). I dont think we have yet went to a socialist country, state or website yet where a man can not ask what he wants for his personal stuff.


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    (Opens envelope)

    And the award for being less civil than kelcarry and Terminal Lance goes to olsalt. Please come up on stage and give a brief acceptance speech and pick up your CCW Badge on the table next to the podium.

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