S&W AirLite .357/.38 - Yuogoslavian SKS M59/66
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Thread: S&W AirLite .357/.38 - Yuogoslavian SKS M59/66

  1. S&W AirLite .357/.38 - Yuogoslavian SKS M59/66

    Need to sell S&W AirLite .357. $525.00. Also SKS Yugoslavian M59/66 with bayonet and 22mm NATO grenade launcher....$350.00

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    Got any pictures you can post?

  4. As soon as I figure out how to. Soon hopefully.

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    Not so much interested in the Sith and Wesson revolver, but the Yugoslavian SKS. Any ideas if it is Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Kosovar, or Bosnian?

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    How do u tell them apart I have a Yugo sks and wouldn't mind knowing

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    Not realy sure, I guess by date of manufacture or location, if these can be determined.

  8. Good question all I know is it has M59/66 stamped on barrel and parts #'s match. Doing more investgating myself. Really curious now.

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    WTB-ar15 lower parts kit

    Looking for lower parts kit for ar15 would like one in bushmaster or daniel defense, but will also accept others.

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