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  1. Holster's for sale

    Found some holsters I do not use. Make an offer.

    Blackhawk Serpa w/ paddle back for XD

    Blackhawk leather slide for XD

    Crossbreed Super Tuck for Sig 2022. Also fits XD.

    XD Paddle holster
    Attached Images Attached Images Holster's for sale-photo_66943127-8332-2c7e-cdb1-162f544ca1e6.jpg Holster's for sale-photo_4a3a5e04-228a-bf34-c17a-71c3eeb34876.jpg Holster's for sale-photo_645b587f-8c68-09b1-4b9d-d7ed957d2c58.jpg Holster's for sale-photo_eebc78a8-ef02-4525-6a2b-d86f25d57207.jpg 

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    U still have the crossbreed available?

  4. Do you still have the Blackhawk Serpa?

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    Do you still have the crossbreed available?
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