WTB Smith & Wesson bodyguard .380
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Thread: WTB Smith & Wesson bodyguard .380

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    WTB Smith & Wesson bodyguard .380

    Hi I'm from MN an look to but a S & W .380 body guard. Shoot me a price you want or a new or used. I would like to pay $300 or less of possible

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    Do yourself a favor and get a Glock instead.

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    You can find them easily in the stores for that price??? Well in my area anyways

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    Good luck... I own a bodyguard and love it!!...I think some places still have them on back order ... Price usually varries from $350 to $400

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    Yeah I guess it depends where you live. They are cheap near me.

  7. Go to mnguntalk in firearms for sale section. SW bodyguard for sale there. $300 with ammunition included.

  8. I have one I would sell for 300.
    Bought new this past june.
    I'm also in Mn

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    I may be interested. Do u live near the twin cities? Do u not like it or not moving on so something new?

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    Glock? Y spend another 200$ when I already have a subcompact. I want a pocket pistol

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    Couldn't quite find it

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