WTB Night sites for my G19. Any sugestions?
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Thread: WTB Night sites for my G19. Any sugestions?

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    WTB Night sites for my G19. Any sugestions?

    I'm looking to buy night sites for my Glock G19.(gen-3 if that helps) Does anyone have any for sale or know the best place to go to get them.
    Thank you in advance,

  3. I bought my tru glow sites while I was at the Knob Creek gun range outside Louisville, ky.

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    There is a seller on e-bay bought mine for 35.oo they are tirijacon nite sights

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    There is a guy on GunBroker that sells Tijicon sights for about $69. $35 seems way cheap. I bought a couple sets from him. I like the Trij sights. I have them on a few of my guns.


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    Quote Originally Posted by brickler View Post
    Brickler, you were the 4th person to reply to the (simple) request yet the 1st to supply a link along with the suggestion. From all of us who appreciate such an extra step, thank you.
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    night lights

    I have Mepro-Light sights on my Kimber and Trijicon on the Glock 21. The Mepro-Light is brighter. Both are 2 years old.

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    That's awesome folks. Thank you all very much.

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    While you're in the market, consider the Trijicon HD night sights. A little more pricy, but I put them on my G22, and never once regretted the few extra dollars. Better features include higher profile rear sight for one handed slide rack if need be, large photoluminescent iris around the front sight for quicker sight picture, and wider cutout in the rear sight. Love them! Ended up finding the best price at Optics Planet.

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    www.botachtactical.com and search Trijicon. Cheapest place.

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