I Want to sell my H&K blue P7 M10
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Thread: I Want to sell my H&K blue P7 M10

  1. I Want to sell my H&K blue P7 M10

    This is my 1st post and I hope I'm doing this the right way. Does anyone know the value of a Blue HK P7M10 pistol. I'm in the market to sell or trade this weapon. It's in very good condition with less than 500 rounds thru it. Apparently, this model is very valuable and has a large variance in price between $2500's to the high $3000's. I hope someone can confirm or deny my estimated valuation. I can and will supply pictures when needed. Any input will be greatly appreciated.


  3. The Gander Mountain store here has one for $1500 and they are notoriously overpriced.

  4. Thanks for the info I haven't had much luck other than what I've seen on gunbrokers past sales.

    Thanks again!

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