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    Exclamation Wanted Flintlock Rifle

    Does not have to be perfect, or antique...Must be inexpensive.

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    You might want to check the Traditional Muzzleloading Forum, it has a classified page. Right now there's a Pendersoli .45 for $450 (not mine, so I'm not trying to drum up business) Muzzleloading Forum Classifieds - Cabela's Pedersoli Blue Ridge .45 Cal. Rifle Flintlock Inexpensive is a relative term. A lot of traditional muzzleloaders will call a $1000 flintlock 'inexpensive', but if you're not looking for great historical accuracy in the design you can pick up a Traditions or Thompson-Center flintlock used on Gunbroker for a couple hundred.

  4. I have a 50 cal 1/66 twist Austin & Halleck rifle I will sell you if you haven't found on yet. It's in great shape! $475.00 shipped

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