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Thread: Where to buy 22 long rifle ammunition

  1. Angry Where to buy 22 long rifle ammunition

    Does anyone have suggestions as to where .22 long rifle ammunition can be purchased? Online or brick & mortar stores. My Wal-Mart never has it available. Southern Illinois. thanks

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    Slickguns.com. Refresh a few times a week and something will pop up. Cabelas and gander Mountain have free in store pic up. Once posted sells out in 10-15 min that's why you never see it.

    Slick guns just posts the deals by users as they see them and the link brings you right to the sight

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    In addition to GunBot:
    - 22lr ammo rimfire
    - In Stock 22LR Ammo Deals | Slickguns
    - gun-deals.com - User-Submitted Gun & Ammunition Deals

    Obviously, stay away from Aguila Super Colibri 22lr unless you want a primer-only propelled low-velocity bullet for revolvers or bolt action rifles. I have seen now two people at my range that bought those online and wondered why their semi-autos wouldn't cycle.

    Look up any gun stores (or pawn shops that have an FFL) in your area and ask them about their ammo delivery schedule.

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    Gander Mountain usually has a good selection of 22 ammunition.

  7. Olde English Gun shoppe in Tipp City, OH usually has a good supply.

  8. Just like everybody else. Go to gunbot and click through to 22lr. Great resource!

  9. Thanks to all for information. On a recent trip for family visit to Kansas I was able to obtain a few boxes and family member will continue to assist. Again thanks. I am in southern Illinois and some of the brick and mortar suggestions are not available here.

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    You could also try local/state gun owner forums. In Minnesota where I am, I was able to get some at a decent price last fall.

  11. Cabelas in Lewis Center gets some on mondays. I get bricks there every week.

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