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    Selling collection due to illness

    Well got some news today that I am sure no one here on the boards would ever what to get. I was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer which has spread to 3 spots on my brain. I have just completed radiation treatment and it has taken some toll on my body as far. Tired all the time and not much energy. This brings me to my question for all my friends on the site. I now have to task of selling off my small gun collection to get as much money as I can to leave for my wife. I hope not to get into the position of ďgiving away the guns for any money I can get but to get a fair price for each for the family. I am asking for any advise as to how to sell the inventory to maximize itís worth and would welcome any suggestions as to how would be the best way to sell them off. I would also like to sell the assorted magazines and quite of bit of ammo I had been accumulating for the coming problems I see out nation facing. I have weapons that I have not even fired for lack of time as well as weapons that I have all being in like new condition with original boxes and paper work.
    So again any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to making the task before me a bit easier since I really donít know how much time God has allotted me on this earth before he calls me home.

    Thanks gilfo

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    I'm very sorry for the prognosis you got. :(

    I don't have any advice for how best to sell your guns and ammo. All I can offer is my prayer for you and your wife during this difficult time.

    I hope that you can get top dollar for what you need to sell.

  4. Don't know where you live, but maybe an Auction Company can be of some help. Firearms-yes, ammo-????
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  5. My prayers are with you and your family.

    I would give you two suggestions based on how much effort you want to make selling your guns for maximum value, versus getting good value with minimum effort.

    First option is to sell the guns individually via GunBroker (https://support.gunbroker.com/hc/en-...943447-Selling). This will get you the maximum value for your guns, but requires you to list every gun, complete the transaction and ship guns to the buyers (FFL transfer). It also might take a while to complete all the sales depending on the number of guns you have for sale. You can sell ammo and other accessories as well through GunBroker.

    Second, an easier option is to sell you guns to a dealer. You could try your local gun shop or I might recommend contacting Dury's (https://www.durysguns.com/sell-your-guns/). they will by your guns for 70% of bluebook value. They will also take them on consignment and give you 80% when they sell. This give you a low effort way to get good value for your collection.

    Obviously, you can also choose different methods for different guns. Maybe use GunBroker or private sale for high value firearms and unload the rest to a gun shop.

    Hope this information is helpful.


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    Do you have a friend or one of your kids that you can trust to assist you and maybe finish selling off the guns after your gone?
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    My prayers are with you and your family.

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    Sorry to hear about your health issue.

    Not sure why no one has asked but here goes where are you at(state) and what are you looking to sell?

  9. My prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time.
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