Assembly panel OKs restriction on gun-carrying
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Thread: Assembly panel OKs restriction on gun-carrying

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    Assembly panel OKs restriction on gun-carrying

    Unloaded guns could no longer be carried openly under legislation advanced by state lawmakers Wednesday. The measure now goes to the full Assembly floor, where it is expected to face a tough fight.

    Read About It: The San Diego Union Tribune

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    The court challenges being prepared to deal with this are going to be very interesting if the McDonald decision goes well for gun rights. California may have just restricted itself into shall issue CCW according to some of the arguments using Heller. If McDonald expands Heller as expected? ... I'm becoming anxious to read the decision ... about a month to go ...

    Whatever happens, there's years of cases in our future.
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    Man, it just kills me how the idiots running California have screwed up the gun owners rights out there. The state itself has a lot to offer to the shooting sports.

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    California...What a joke

    In 2007, I moved to California from Florida (where I have a CCW permit).

    I was astounded at the stupid CCW laws in California. The state is not a "shall issue" state. As a result, the decisions to issue/not-issue are left up to the local authorities. What a joke. There are less than a handful of counties that will even consider issuing a CCW.

    Individual rights and freedoms do not exist in California, with the exception of illegal aliens.

    We moved out of California to Nevada, partly because of the CCW issue(s). I now have a Nevada and Utah CCW permit to go with my Florida permit (we have a second home in Fla.)

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