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Thread: Reasons found acceptable for CCW issuance

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    In the last month I've received my Arizona and Florida permits. Yesterday Utah's permit was waiting for me in the mailbox. After working a 12 hour day, that was a very nice surprise!

    So three down and the most important one to go.....California.

    I'll be spending the next week or two filling out every one of the application's paaaaaaaaaaaages. Seriously, they couldn't make the application packet any larger?!
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  3. My husband and I got our CCW's within one month but it was in Siskiyou County. We had to provide statements of why we needed it. Our reasons were around these facts: we live in an isolated, rural area, near the freeway, railroad, and near a trailer park that houses many offenders. Plus, we travel in our RV all over the state on sparsely traveled roads. During the waiting period, a sheriff's deputy came to our house to ask for the names of neighbors we knew nearby so he could discuss whether there is the possibility of domestic violence in our house. I found that interesting. I later found out that he did tell my neighbors why he was asking. That was unfortunate because given our neighborhood, we really wanted to keep the fact that we had firearms less public than that, mainly so that no one breaks into our house to steal them (although now with ccw's they wouldn't find them.)

    One interesting thing that I was naive about. I could have sworn that one of our instructors told us to put each other's guns on both of our ccw applications. So we did. But at least in our county, the permit is good only for firearms registered to you. Also, we had bought a gun when we lived in Arizona and we filled out and had received back the paperwork from the CA DOJ that said we registered it in CA. But that firearm didn't appear on our permit. So I called the county and asked about it. I was told that CA DOJ has no record of that serial number being registered to anyone. What, huh? So now I have to call our county to see if I somehow gave them the wrong serial number. And if not, hopefully they can give me a number at DOJ to clear this up.

    It's always something, but we were impressed that it took only a month to get the permits. Of course, it took only a week in Arizona, last year. But, that's Arizona.

    Good luck JRM with you CA permit.

  4. JRM if you recieve the "Holy Blessing" for SD County Please post/email us to let us San Diegans what the SDSO will accept. Not being a business man/carrying large $$ is out of the question.

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    JRM, so how is everything going with the permit? I also live in Riverside County and I am waiting to hear about your outcome.

  6. Just to update on our story: that gun we brought in from Arizona but they said it wasn't showing up as owned by anyone... It was because when the CA DOJ sent back our application with a stamp on it that said Fee Paid and the date, we assumed everything was in order. So when it wasn't, we called DOJ and after several phone calls, we finally figured out that they had sent it back to us for a signature. Not that they ever indicated that. So my husband signed it and sent it back. We'll wait a few days and see if it's in the system and then get our county to look it up so it can go on husband's permit. Of course, he's going to eventually transfer it to me, so then we'll have to change it again, but whatever.

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    I live in Northern California. The Sheriff in my county said some other justifiable reasons to issue a ccw are not only that you carry a lot of cash, but you travel with expensive items. Also, if you live in a high crime area, work in a high crime area or travel through a high crime area. I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexzx9r View Post
    JRM, so how is everything going with the permit? I also live in Riverside County and I am waiting to hear about your outcome.
    Hi Alex, nothing to report yet. There was some delay in gathering all the things on the application so my application is still sitting here. My plan is to call the Riverside Sheriff's office next week for an appointment. If they feel I have a good chance, the wait can take up to 3 months, so I'm told. UGH!

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    I got the huge packet myself. Mine states that you have to have a valid death threat or harrassment are the only criteria they will issue. I work as a armed security officer, so I guess I have to wait till someone that I arrest/had dealings with makes a death threat till they issue a ccw to me. I am just afraid that I will be out some where with my family (which includes a wife, 1 year old son and 14 year old daughter) and some one that I arrested/had dealings with will recognizes me and plan some type of retaliation. Well keep me updated with your application. Thanks, Alex.

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    Sorry to hear about your issue with the RSO CCW guys. I applied, provided very good cause (death threat, police reports, criminal protective order) and received my permit exactly 39 days after my interview...I found the RSO guys to be very forthcoming and helpful, but they had no questions about my good cause or any other answers on the application. Good luck to you!

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    I lived (if it's called "living") in California...Santa Clara County.

    One of the best reasons in that county was to donate heavily to the county sheriff's re-election campaign. Of course, half of Santa Clara County's local officials are on the take anyway.
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