Visiting CA, Memorial Day Weekend
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    Visiting CA, Memorial Day Weekend

    It appears that I will be visiting CA, the Santa Ana area, for my nephew's wedding. Since this may be the only time I dare to go to that fine state I will probably stay about a week during the Memorial Day weekend.

    I have a SC and NH permit that I know do no good so I am wondering if I should even bother to take one of my guns. We will probably rent a car and do some sightseeing. I would not be trying to carry the gun on me but would like to have one in the car and motel room. I normally have one in the car console in addition to any others but I think that this is not allowed in CA. With their restrictive laws is it worth trying to carry one with me since I have to keep it locked in the trunk?

    I know what most of you are thinking but to keep peace in the family I will probably have to go. They planned to get married in SC but the family talked them into moving it to CA so the bride's family wouldn't have so far to drive up from Mexico.

  3. I too have family in Kalifornia. The gun won't do you any good unloaded & locked in the trunk of the car. Unless you can keep it on you (which you legally can't) it will become a constant worry even when locked in the trunk. The car could still be stolen or broken into. My advice is to leave the gun home When you get to Kalifornia, go to a gun store (Turner's is good, but there are others) and buy a good pepper spray to keep with you. That, and situational awareness should keep you out of trouble for a week. If you fly home, leave the pepper spray as a wedding gift!

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    I will just report on my trip to the left coast and I will say that we had a wonderful time. The absolute surprising thing was almost everyone we met from the brides family to the tour bus drivers and staff at the hotel were nothing like the typical radical that is protrayed on TV and movies. Almost everyone that we talked to was ready to get Obama and company out. One day we toured the area including Hollywood. Let me say that Myrtle Beach, SC and Gatlinburg, TN can't come close to Hollywood in tackiness.

    A few weeks after we go back the brides family came for a visit to SC. We took them out shooting and let them shoot shotguns, rifles and pistols. They had never shot anything other than a BB gun before. That was the highlight of their trip east and posted pictures of it all over facebook. The father wanted to be sure the AK-47 we had was legal so that he would not get in trouble with his employer (Boeing) if the pictures were seen by his company. Evidently the people we met are a minority in CA because there is no way they would keep sending the idiots back to Washington.

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    California is just like the rest of the country, the radicals are a vocal minority but they tend to get most of the press and attention. Only problem in California is they have gerrymandered the political districts so there is pretty much a permanent democrat majority plus the state is controlled by the public unions which own the democratic party.

    Lots of us native Californians have gotten tired of paying too much for less and less freedoms and moved out of state.

  6. The average citizen is brainwashed into thinking that a "civilian" with a gun is a HORRIBLE THING. Those uf us who CCW/are trying to, know better. It is very difficult for the gun owners of CA to educate the masses because people call us "gun nuts" and walk away. In my expierience it is easier to take them one on one to a range and teach them that they are merely tools and not destructive evil things that kill indiscriminatly.

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