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Thread: California AB144 Introduces to Ban Open Carry of Unloaded Handgun

  1. AB 144 will be heard 2/15, 2/22 or 3/1 in Public Safety Committee 9am room 127

    Blog Post by Alany Helmantoler: Action Alert AB 144 - Responsible Citizens of California
    Action Alert AB 144

    I set an action alert of what to do. It is important to get this notice of action to as many places as possible. Please participate.

    I am the lobbyist who is handling this issue along with Gun Owners of CA and some of the Assemblymembers who will be assisting us. Always looking for help getting the word out.

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    if this has any referance to the topic but i find california to be too strict upon firearm laws.i, as a hunter, but under the age of 18 am challenged by authority whenever presented and in my opinion find it to be unconstitutionally immoral baring a handgun concealed or not in a public setting. the fear of weapons is derived from statistics and not actually wielding or having any knowledge of the firearm. a fear that people who carry guns kill rather the majority are people who either do not know how to use a gun or uses the gun irresponsibly. legally the states are slowly stripping us away our constitutional right to bare arms and though do understand some of the laws some do move to the extreme.

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    If you want to help STOP this bill from even passing the Public Safety Committee. Contact all members and tell them, "As soon as the Police & the Stated of California is legally responsible for the public safety, is the day I will go along with a ban on Open Carry." CA is broke and Portantino is writing these type of bills. Why not make a bill that create more jobs and less taxes. Isn't that what the public needs most of all.

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    Good point Raidenko. I haven't been keeping up with this. Does anyone know what happened with the proposed ban?

  6. 1) inferno like heat
    2) the inability to defend yourself
    3) earthquakes

    Do yourself a favor and move go somewhere you can actualy put bullets in your gun

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    I chose not to spend my money or my time in any state I cannot defend myself.

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    Personally, I'd like to see it pass. Then there are full grounds for filing suit against the State for infringing on the Right to keep and bear arms. Now their excuse is you can always carry openly therefore there is no legal need for a shall issue concealed carry (lousy argument but valid to the many leftist judges in Kalifornia). So if they outlaw open carry (unloaded) then maybe our gun rights organizations can get busy and attack the state.

    Last I heard unfortunately was it wasn't passing and would be carried over to next year.

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    Maybe Kommifornia likes to be another Illinois or something? What else can you expect from Democrap?
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    Sad day for California.

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    In CA, open carry of a loaded firearm in public places was banned in 1967 by Governor Ronald Reagan.

    What was left was the open carry of unloaded firearm in non-restricted areas and the open carry of a firearm in areas where you can legally discharge a firearm.

    A few years ago, the CA UOC (unloaded open carry) movement started open carrying unloaded handguns in non-restricted areas as a way to protest CA's carry laws.

    As a response, the CA anti-gun legislators passed a law to prevent that activity.

    What Governor Jerry Brown signed into law, bans the unloaded open carry of handguns in public places.
    You can still open carry unloaded long guns in non-restricted areas and open carry loaded firearms in areas where you can legally discharge a firearm.

    In a recent court case, a judge ruled that CA "may issue" CCW system was legal because a non-prohibited person could open carry an unloaded handgun as an alternative to being granted a CA LTC permit.

    Now that unloaded open carry has been banned, it removes that reasoning from preventing "shall issue" CCW reform in CA.
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