Any LASD Reserves on here?
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Thread: Any LASD Reserves on here?

  1. Any LASD Reserves on here?

    I am putting in my application in the coming days to become an LASD Reserve Deputy. My wife isn't fully behind the idea of the academy yet, as we have 2 small children and the academy is a huge time commitment. This is something that I have always wanted to do, and I will never feel fulfilled unless I do it. I know there will never be a perfect time to go through the academy, but I am just wondering if anyone else on here has had similar experiences.


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    Congrats on your decision, i am not a LA deputy however, i am a Deputy Sheriff..... I had a wife and daughter too when i went through the academy ( daughter was 6. They send us to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy and you have to stay there Monday thru Friday and you are allowed to come home Friday night and return Sunday night.

    It is a 3 month academy and i do not know what was more difficult, the academy or being away from my family for that long. My wife was bot happy but she knew that being a cop is what i wanted to do since i was a young boy, follow my dads footsteps.

    After the academy, i had to do 2 years in the jail as a deputy correction officer, and then i was able to post out for mobile unit, and have been mobile know for about 2.5 years.

    I love my job, its nice when you love what you do for a living and do not mind going to work everyday.

    Just remember it is hard during the academy, but it is worth it,

    Good Luck and stay safe out there, its a cruel world, and the respect for the profession is very few and far between, but i would not have it any other way !

  4. Thank you for the reply. I am applying to be a Reserve, so being that I will only be paid $1 a year, the academy has to accommodate a full-time work schedule. So basically, I will work all day M-F and go to the academy T,W,TH from 5pm-10pm, and all day Saturdays for about 21 weeks. I have two little boys, one is ~2.5 the other is 5 weeks. You can see my dilemma. The other thing though is that the app process can take a year or longer, so I might just go through that first and once accepted then do the academy.

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