Shooting in the desert
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Thread: Shooting in the desert

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    Shooting in the desert

    I live in San Diego and I have heard that people go out to the desert and shoot targets. Does anyone know of what places are safe to shoot out there?

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    Don;t get caught. We Jeep in the area north west of Yuma. Since it's in California we don't take our guns. I have permits from two states and am covered in nearly every state. But not in California with either of them.

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    How about near the Mexican border.

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    Here is a map of BLM and USFS lands east of San Diego.

    You can generally shoot there, if you are in a spot that is safe to do so, away from roads and buildings, etc.

    Hwy 74 in the San Bernardino Natl Forest would be your closest bet.

    Call the local sheriff if you have any questions.

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    If anyone ever comes out around Indio/Palm Desert/La Quinta/Palm Springs area, I am a member at the Palm Springs Gun Club if you ever want to go shooting. Just keep in mind that it gets really hot during the summer months, like today is 113 degrees.

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    We go out to the Fish Creek area. It's off Split Mtn Rd near Ocittillo Wells. Great, legal, and safe place, but hot during this time of year. Also better to have a truck, road isn't too bad most of the time, depending on how far down you need to go.

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