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Thread: Might be moving to San Bernadino County - Info Request

  1. Might be moving to San Bernadino County - Info Request

    I currently live in Nevada where a CCW is given freely to anyone witha clean record and reasonable skill with a firearm. I am from PA and the laws are similar there.

    However, I may be moving to San Bernadino County CA for work soon (and the fact that the wife's family lives there as well). Needless to say, I'm more than a bit concerned that I will not be able to get a permit in San Bernadino County. Currently, I carry everyday.

    I have a clean record.
    Discharged honorably from USMC.
    My job requires travel through remote areas.
    My job requires that I carry medicines worth $350 each x 20.
    I do know some CA LEOs & Emergency Services people (not sure if that helps at all).

    A lot of the info I can find through Google seems like it could be very outdated. Maps show San Bern as a "Will Issue" while a lot that I've read suggest that it may actually be a "Will Issue for Good Cause." I'm not sure if my employment would justify good cause or not.

    Anyone with experience in getting their CCW in San Bern able to give me current info or advice?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I live in Ventura County, but can tell you that San Bernardino has a reputation as being a fairly easy place to get a CCW. The application is the same throughout the state. Some counties, like Los Angeles, rarely issue, but San Bernardino will generally issue. The only counties in CA that are "shall issue" are those with less than 500,000 people. Suggest you post your questions here...
    License To Carry Discussion - Calguns.net

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    You can also check here...
    California Concealed Carry (CCW) Forum

  5. I will do that. Thank you.

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    I got mine in San Bernadino. It's a Sheriff jurisdiction and somewhat rural both of which help. With your background information I don't think you'll have a problem.

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    Don't forget to register your handguns when you move :-<
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

    • You will have to have lived in the San Bernardino County for at least a year.
    • Provide a US Birth Certificate or proof of US citizenship.
    • Have at least one utility bill in your name (cable, electricity, water, gas, phone) from your home address listed on the CCW Application.
    • Register your pistols when you move into the CA State. There is a voluntary pistol registration form on the CA DOJ website. I think the fee is $19 when you send the form BOF 4010A in to the DOJ. http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/pd.../ab991frm.pdf?
    • San Bernardino County Sheriff Dept is very Pro-CCW. Self Defense is an acceptable Good Cause, you just need to articulate/ elaborate it in writing (at least a paragraph).
    • Approx 3,400 CCW in the County (per Sheriff Deputy Instructor 10/17/13). They want to have the highest number of CCW holders for any County in the State, in the next year or so. 98% approval rate. Biggest reason for denying the CCW is for lying.

    This is the SBSD CCW Process that I have been through as of ~6/1/2013 through 10/26/2013. I've added details that other CCW applicants have posted or I have talked to during the same time period.

    1. If you live in a City that has it's own Police Dept, you will need to apply for a CCW from them first, they will deny you. Request a letter of CCW Denial in writing. You can then apply at the SBCO Sheriff's Office.
    2. Pick up a CCW application from the SB County Main Sheriff Station, go to the Employee Resources Dept (just left of the main entrance in the main hall, by the row of chairs) at 655 East Third Street, San Bernardino.
    3. Place a call on the same or the next day, after picking up the CCW application to put your name on the "LIST", to schedule an Interview with the CCW Sheriff Detective. Phone number is on the cover sheet of the CCW Application. The sooner that you put your name on the list, the sooner you'll get your Interview. They may have had a cancellation.
    4. The Employee Resources Dept will call you in a few weeks to a few months, when they have an open slot(s) for the CCW Sheriff Detective Interview. Pick a Date & Time that you can make. Don't be late (it would be bad for your Moral Character if you show up late or don't show up at all).
    5. Show up to the Interview with your completed CCW application (do not sign or date the application, you do that in front of the Detective), supporting documents (speeding tickets, any adjudication from court cases, Police Reports, Restraining Orders, Rental Contract with your name on it, Deed, etc..), proof of US Citizenship, utility bill(s) under your name, there should have been a White form with your CCW application that you need NOTARIZED (authorizing them to check/contact your background, DMV records, banking, employer, etc..). The date of the Notarized form should be close to you Interview date, they may not accept it if it's more than 30 days old. So, don't have it Notarized too early. You need two Money Orders ready for the Interview (I got my M.O. from the US Post Office). $108 for the Live Scan (finger printing and photo) & $29.20 for the CCW Background Investigation process.
    6. Bring your unloaded pistol(s) (don't bring ammo inside the Station) in a locked container. The CCW Employee Resources personnel will take the pistol(s) and run the Serial Number(s) in their computers to make sure they are CA Registered Pistol(s) in your name or spouse's name. You can have a maximum of the three pistols listed onto the CCW. Recommend at least a .380 to .45 ACP calibers. Pistols will have to be concealable. Desert Eagles, 2 shot Derringers, 8" 454 Casull, etc may not be acceptable. No custom/ modified triggers. FACTORY STOCK triggers only.
    7. The CCW Employee Resources personnel will go through your application and supporting documentations to make sure you have everything needed & completed. If all is Good, they'll ask you to have a seat. The Sheriff Detective will come out to you and introduce themselves when they are ready to interview you. If you paperwork is not in order, you will have to re-schedule for another Interview date.
    8. Interview with the Sheriff Detective felt just like a Job Interview. Detective will ask questions and just answer them honestly. Don't try to hide any skeletons in your closet. They rather hear it from you, than to find out during the Background Investigation. Any interactions with Law Enforcement in the past that may show up in a Incident Report, arrest record, including traffic tickets. You've got your chance to explain the details in person and tell your side of the story to the Detective about anything that may be of a concern. If they find out you lied on the application, during the interview, or forgot to mention something pertinent during the interview, they may deny your CCW application. Interview may last from a half hour to an hour.
    9. If the Sheriff Detective finds you of Good Moral Character and with Good Cause, they will ask you to go have your Live Scan done down the hall. The Detective will take both of your Money Orders. If they have you do the Live Scan, they have basically accepted your Good Cause.
    10. Depending on the wait in line for Live Scan, it takes about 15 minutes to complete the process. After you have completed your Live Scan, Pick up your pistols from the Employee Resources personnel.
    11. The Background Investigation begins... This usually takes up to 90 days or so, before they contact you to let you know if you Passed your Background Investigation or Not. A Sheriff Detective will visit your neighbors and ask them if they know you, for how long, if you live in the resident, and maybe a few question about your Moral Character. They may ask if you have many loud parties, domestic violence, fighting, anger management issues, etc... They may or may not mention about the CCW. You may ask the Detective during the Interview process (#8) to be discreet with your neighbors. It may or may not help.
    12. The Sheriff Detective will also send an Employment Verification form and a copy of the Notarized form to your Employer. Your Employer will have to send the completed E.V. form back to the Sheriff's Dept. The Employer will know that you have applied for a CCW, it's stated on the form in black and white. The E.V. Form has a few questions about your Moral Character.
    13. If you passed the Background Investigation you then will be able to schedule for the next (State Mandatory DOJ approved) CCW Class and Range Qualification.
    14. If your a gun newbie, make sure have taken a basic handgun course. Make sure you know how to handle a firearm safely and know how to shoot the firearms on your CCW before your Range Qualification. Practice, practice...
    15. CCW Class is 8 hours long. I took my CCW class at the SBCO Main Sheriff Station in San Bernardino (3rd ST.), the same place that you picked up the application. CCW Class Room is upstairs from the main hall entrance. There are also SBSD CCW Classes at the Apple Valley Gun Club. You will need a Money Order for the CCW Range Qualification $100 if you do it at the SBCO Sheriff Academy range (15-20 minute drive from SBSD Main Station) OR $125 MO if you choose to do the CCW Class and Qualification at the Apple Valley Gun Club.
    16. Range Qualification is at the SB Sheriff Academy (by the Glenn Helen Raceway) or at Apple Valley Gun Club Range. You are to shoot a B21 target with 10 rounds per pistol(s) you have on the CCW application. Mandatory mag change for semi-autos and cylinder reload for the revolvers. If you can display proper and safe handling of the pistols and demonstrate that you can hit the B21 target. The Sheriff Deputies will sign your Range Qualification cards. One half of the card will be sent back to the Sheriff Station to be filed with your CCW application. The other half of the Range Qualification card is yours to keep as proof.
    17. From a week to a couple of months after the Range Qualification, you will get a call to pickup your CCW License. The Background Investigation may not be 100% complete, so you may have to wait for them to finish the last few details. The Employee Resources Dept will call you to inform you that your CCW card is ready for pick up. You will need to bring a Money Order for $116.80 to pick up your CCW card. The SBSD CCW Card is now the plastic type, like your CA Driver's License, not the old thin CCW paper type.
    18. All of the Sheriff Deputies, Detectives, Instructors, and the Employee Resources Support Staff have been very friendly, courteous, and professional.

  8. has anyone tried to get a CCW in LA county? if so how? I have not tried yet! but I would really like to get my CCW so I can protect my family and myself, I do not carry large sums of money or anything like that,


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