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Thread: Motorist Holding 16 Guns Arrested Outside L.A. Airport

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    I can tell you that if the gentleman in question had a pre-ban, hi-cap assault type weapon, then he was in violation, period
    Not if he registered it. I believe that was the case with this guy.

    The guy at LAX might have been screwed, but he did it to himself. If he's that ignorant of attitudes and laws, I don't want him on my side. He's probably just as ignorant of proper weapon handling and safety. And unless he was in the process of moving, why have 10 or 20 or 30 guns in the vehicle? I don't want someone that paranoid around me. A carry gun and maybe a backup should be enough.
    Not a lot of information is coming out on this guy but it is entirely possible that it was a case of a bunch of Airport Cops who don't know the law or what they are doing.

    Several years ago the State AG sent a bunch of folks to the Pomona Gun Show (a truly great show). They made a bunch of arrests and bragged to the media that they spent all the money they had in half an hour buying illegal weapons. Turns out of all their arrests all but one were thrown out because there was nothing illegal about the guns they bought.

    The only arrest that stuck was some poor slob who thought he actually had the right to sell something that he legally owned.

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  3. Arraignment Tomorrow

    I don't know if the news will report on it, but the araignment of Phillip Dominguez is set for tomorrow, Fri Feb 6.

    The only crime of which he appreas to be guilty is stopping between his home and the range. While transporting handguns and his AR-15 clone (duly registered), he was not allowed to stop anywhere.

    Bringing firearms to LAX is not a crime. I have done it many times, and I have even carried those guns into the terminal, right up to the ticket counter. That is what we have to do, to check our guns in for transport.

    If anyone hears the results, please post them!

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    security is pointless give pilots Guns and Sept.11 would of never happen you thank they would of hijack a plane w/armed pilots. i think the vary idea of weapons on planes would of made them come up with a different plain, pilots carried guns till 1988 w/out ever having one problem and there was never a hijacking of a plane till after the gun were band
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