Second Amendment Victory in San Francisco
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Thread: Second Amendment Victory in San Francisco

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    Second Amendment Victory in San Francisco

    When the city of San Francisco tried to ban all handgun ownership a few years ago, the NRA took the city to court and won.

    But that didn't mean San Francisco embraced the Second Amendment. They still did everything they could to obstruct law-abiding Americans from exercising their Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    Today the NRA has won another major victory.

    San Francisco's Housing Authority has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the NRA against their ban on gun possession by all residents in public housing. This blanket denial of Second Amendment rights for lower-income Americans could not survive our challenge, even though a defiant Mayor Gavin Newsome said his ban would be "absolutely defended."

    The NRA isn't through in California. We're challenging other gun control laws in the works, and we're assisting other cases working their way through the court system. In the meantime, congratulations to those living under the thumb of the San Francisco Housing Authority, whose constitutional rights are now restored thanks to NRA members like you.

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