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    Camping in Georgia

    My wife and I have been talking about going camping sometime soon. Anybody know of any good places that are somewhat secluded, where we would be able to shoot, and not be around people? Also, with a lake/pond/stream nearby? We're south of Atlanta, so either north, south, or even some places in Alabama, if anyone knows of anywhere good.


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    Hey! Try some WMAs in North GA. I have close friends up in Dawsonville and will be doing a 2 or 3 day walk in walk out very soon. The Etowah and Amicolola Rivers are up there and we canoe them a couple times a year. Go in heads up, because there are others that like to go in and shoot, just like we do. Blueridge is gorgeous, and years ago I found a very secluded place up around Ellijay near Owl Town Creek (use your 4WD and find an old fire service road!)

    all the best!


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    Excellent, thanks!! I was just talking to a friend who said the exact same thing. When are you planning on going?

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    Just as soon as we get above 40 degrees for the low and I can coordinate my ride up to the drop off. Hope to be out for at least 3 days, 2 nights. Preferably a friday through sunday....SOON

  6. I've never been there but I've been told that there's a place near West Point Lake where you can camp and shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jreXD9 View Post
    I've never been there but I've been told that there's a place near West Point Lake where you can camp and shoot.
    Any more info on that? That's really close to home, and would be easy to do.

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    Any of your national forests allow dispersed camping with no age restrictions, Any of your national parks allow anyone to camp no age restrictions. Private parks and public state or county facilities where reservations are needed have liability issues with minors.

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