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    Vets in Oregon...

    Just a little info that I have found that many who are eligible don't know.

    If you are an Oregon resident and a vet with a service connected disability, Oregon State Parks will give you 10 days per month (5 days max per stay) of a camp or RV site free. You only need to send in proof of the S/C rating as shown on this page: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department: State Parks Special Access Pass for Veterans with Disabilities & Refunds for Active Military On Leave.

    Oregon overall is good to disabled vets...we also receive a free lifetime huning and fishing license (though we must buy tags for animals and fish that require tags) and, if 30% or more disabled, a permanent license plate for one vehicle (which can be used on any vehicle...even a motor home that has a much higher license fee).


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    Just a note to the above, you do not have to an Oregon resident, I had one of these passes when I was on the road and it worked for me as a resident of North Carolina.

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