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Thread: How do you carry when backpacking?

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    I'm with the majority here in saying there's a lot of good discussion on this topic here, and all much appreciated. I also do a lot of hiking, backpacking, camping and kayaking in the Southeast, mainly in NC, but the surrounding states as well. My main concerns tend to be the occasional bear, which to date have not been a problem, but don't want to be unready should they change their mind. Have had the experience of encountering weird and/or confrontational two legged critters in the wild, which is good to know you are not without the appropriate force should it be needed. So far, these confrontations have not led to violence, so I've been fortunate.

    I'd have to say the best holster I have is actually the poly for my Beretta Px4 9mm, but I really don't feel this particular weapon is enough protection for the woods. So I have a 2" barrel Taurus .357 Magnum that I carry in a fanny pack with the web belt/plastic clip, so I can still have it on if I drop the pack. Also sits well on my hip inside my kayak without fear of wedging in case of a wet exit, or I can just put it in my day hatch for long distance paddles.

    I've made a recent addition of a Ruger GP100 (also .357 Magnum) w/ 4" barrel, and am considering getting a larger fanny pack for it, as that's worked well with the smaller Taurus. As was addressed before, the straps, especially across the chest, make that a little less attractive an option for my use, but something to think about for shorter hikes. Thigh carry is something I'll also take a look at, but since the legs are also needed for the longer hikes, want to make sure I'm not doing something that's constricting, inviting leg cramps and such.

    As for the liberals, I try to get along with them, so cc is first preference, as my conversations with them are best kept apolitical...just there in the woods because I enjoy it, and I'd much rather have a nice hike with them than to be putting up with their views on saving whales, polar bears, or guilty-as-hell mass murderers.

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    For those that have used chest packs like the Ribz front pack, how did the weight distribute? Do you need to look at doing some reinforcing inside the pocket, to allow for a smooth draw?

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    The rifle or shotgun will be seen by all, it will be in my hands, then a pistol on my hip.
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  5. Ribz Front Pack and insert pistol rug via velcro and a few nylon thread stitches. Opposite side... an extra mag and absolute bare survival essentials.
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    BOB carrry, ccw'd, is one of the reasons I favor a pocket 9 and a front pants pocket rig. I dont have to change anything. Same gun, same location. Doesn't matter if i'm wearing running shorts or a tuxedo. If it's cold enough or wet enoiugh to require a parka or raincoat, however, I do switch to the pocket of the coat, since the coat prevents access to the pants pocket.

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    I want a concealable rifle (taken down) You never know when you might need that option, just like you'll never know when NOT having it seen saved you a lot of trouble, or even saved you your life. Post shtf, a lot of people will be looking to eliminate threats/and or "move up" from having nothing more than a single shot 12 ga or .22 bolt action, or just a handgun.

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    This is not a shtf thread...I have never found out when it saved me from trouble either when I open carry my rifle while hiking...because it happens so rarely, I doubt I will ever have that encounter.

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    KelTec Sub 2000. Foldable to 16x7!

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    all it takes is to travel by open boat, raft, bicycle, atv, or motorcycle, and you'll find out real quick about the advantages of not being seen with a gun. :-) Ditto if you dont have an attached garage and especially if you live in a high rise apartment house. you are just asking for neighbors to say that you are "disturbing their piece", or have the word about your guns get passed to the burglars in your area. I have't owned a longarm that I couldn't take down and hide in a backpack in almost 35 years now. It's just not worth the potential hassle.

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