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Thread: How do you carry when backpacking?

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    I just sling the 870 over my shoulder.
    870 has a light attached, so when it is dark, I can see target.
    Packed with 00 buck and slugs, should stop anything in North America.
    “An armed society is a polite society.”

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    I use a shoulder holster for my 45ACP when I am backpacking. And if it is bear country too, then I bring a short barreled (riot) shotgun loaded with magnum slugs and double-aught buckshot slung.

  4. Hi there, fellow carriers. I am looking for a backpack and backpack hammock recommendation from people who hike and hunt. Figured, there are a lot of you here on this forum. Whenever, I go for camping for at least 4-5 days there’s a need to carry a backpack for myself and throw in a light hammock (backpack should have a firearm compartment). Anyways I found few good products here but would love to get more feedback from people with experience.

    Thanks for your help!

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