How do you carry when backpacking?
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Thread: How do you carry when backpacking?

  1. How do you carry when backpacking?

    Although it is perfectly legal to open carry in Colorado, I dislike backpacking with a visible handgun as just the sight of a gun sends the bedwetters into a frenzy. I simply don't wish to end up in that type of discussion. My newest "solution" is one of the Ribz packs. It is actually not too bad a way to pack, as it keeps my pistol right in front of my chest where it is very handy yet does not intefere with anything else. The downside is the zipper and opening are both a little small, making for a somewhat slow and cumbersome draw. Has anyone come up with a better solution?

  3. How about a pocket holster in left or right front pocket? Is your weapon small enough for this? In cooler weather, you could wear a vest with a crossdraw holster against the abdomen. I carry pocket in hot weather & crossdraw in cool weather.

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    I carry OWB with a fisherman's vest or pocket carry during the summer. I OWB in winter with a coat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waddy View Post
    Although it is perfectly legal to open carry in Colorado, I dislike backpacking with a visible handgun as just the sight of a gun sends the bedwetters into a frenzy.
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  6. Support side pocket or "utility pouch."

    I've used pocket carry for quite some time, but I just scored a utility pouch (fine, a "man purse") at the gun show yesterday big enough for my G19 or a .357 Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel. You can sling it under your pack straps and have it on your support side (front) and it won't move around.

    The other option is the outer pocket of the pack. When my wife and I hike together, we usually go this route. Not the quickest draw on the planet, but enough for security in the backwoods.

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    When hiking/backpacking I carry on my thigh to keep the weapon below any gear. If you think a human can be fast and sneaky...just wait till you meet a mountain lion. I try to carry a bigger caliber in the wild.

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    When i go back packing, I carry my Ruger SP101 .357 3" bbl in an OWB thumb break holster. I couldn't careless what some green weenie, dirt loving, tree hugging anti-gun liberal thinks. I don't judge them for there belief's. So when i exercise my right's i hope they won't judge me. That is a pipe dream i know but my safety in the green mountains or the Appalachian trial of VT and NH is more important.

  9. The safepacker. It was first designed for search and rescue persons and it is not scary.(I'm an sp101 owner that hikes)

  10. Thanks for all the great replies. Like most carry questions, the answer is always; "it depends..". I don't have a problem when on a simple day type hike. I'm refering to a full blown backpack loaded with 3 - 5 days worth of stuff These packs have very wide and thickly padded hip belts which pretty much makes adding any type of waist or belt pouch improbable. The belts are large enough that they even get in the way of an open carry belt holster, and they are too thick and wide to put an ordinary holster on the belt itself. In addition, the padded waist belt is not stiff enough to handle a pistol hanging on it. I have thought about thigh carry, but generally don't like carrying my hand gun that way. Nothing against it, just not for me. As far as pocket carry, I generally carry a large caliber, and the size does not lend itself to that type carry. I'm definitely not trying to be a pain in the *****, or a prima donna, just looking for some fresh ideas. Thanks again for all the thoughtful replies. By the way, I do open carry a lot when out of town.

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    Thigh holster. Not too concerned about humans, mostly want to stop a grizzly bear from chewing on my extremities. I don't pay much mind to what the locals think. You can even be a tree-hugging, granola-eating, peacenik flower child in North Idaho, but if you're gun squeamish, you're in the wrong state.

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