Anyone here a Hammock camper- back packer?
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Thread: Anyone here a Hammock camper- back packer?

  1. Anyone here a Hammock camper- back packer?

    Just curious if I have any hammock hangin brothers or sisters here?

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    I am. Ticket to the Moon parachute backpacking hammock. Was in red river gorge ky this past weekend.

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    Stan G,
    I also am an avid camper. I haven't been in awhile, because my oldest son started college this year, and all my extra money is going to him for food, books, etc.etc.

    But,I want to get started again.

  5. Great news!! I myself have a warbonnet blackbird, a traveler, hudson river quilt, mega ogee tarp.. Going out at the end of this month with my best friend for four days of hiking -fishing loitering.. Cannot wait..

  6. That would be me! Clark NX-250 with large Clark tarp, also Warbonnet Super Shelter with doors, Arrowhead Equipment New River Underquilt and Winter weight Top Quilt, and a Jacks R Better No Sniveler 3 season down top quilt. Did the Colorado Summer hang the first of July, and a solo 3 day hang here in northwest Colorado in the Flattops Area. Have all of you checked out Hammock Forums ? Best source of information for hammocks on the net. It is surprising to me how many hammock campers appreciate and use firearms of all types.

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    Stan G,
    Sounds like a good time, I'm putting together a trip to Alaska (Mat-su Valley) with my Father.It will be his last trip, he will be turning 75 this year.

    I figured we could go on one last camping trip together we will be using our Expeditioners W/ Mosquito nets made by Hatteras. I will be carrying my Para Model P14 .45ACP 14+1 capacity and my Dad will have his favorite S&W Model 629 .44Mag

    Hopefully if all goes according to plan we will be going on May 03,2012 until May 23,2012 we can't wait.

    Thanks for starting thread glad I have others to share my Excitement with.I plan on taking lots of pictures if you like, I will share with you.

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    I bought one this summer with the thought of using, but alas, it wasn't in the cards and doesn't look like I'll make it out this fall either. Hopefully this spring.
    ~ Bill

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    I'm always in the same boat, Kids, Wife, Bills, always seems something pops up, When ever I have plans, to go camping..

    But, this trip my dad, and I have planned to Alaska it will take a Nuclear Halocoust to stop us. Good Luck to you. Hopefully you will get out soon.

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    Sounds like a blast, going to Alaska is one of my goals. Have a great trip trophyhunter.
    ~ Bill

  11. Oh heck yes...Bring on the pics.. Yes, I am on hammock forum as well...Great place.. Big Shug fan.. Wish I could have shared this fun with my dad.. But he is gone now..Anyone here a Hammock camper- back packer?-img_0671.jpg

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