Camping in Eastern Washington State
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Thread: Camping in Eastern Washington State

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    Camping in Eastern Washington State

    So where in Eastern Washington is your favorite camping spot when either car camping or backpacking? And what firearm(s) do you take and why. Im just curious because I currently live in Adams county and will be moving to Pend Oreille County in a couple of years.

  3. I too live in Adams county. I was born in Pend Oreille county in Ione just south of Metaline Falls. That entire area is great for camping and hiking. There is a great camping ground at Sullivan lake. There is also an 18 mile hiking trail through the Salmo-Priest Wilderness area just north and east of Metaline Falls. Since this area is a Grizzly Bear recovery area, I would not take less than a stout .44 Magnum, a .50 caliber S&W, or a 7mm Magnum into that area. You will need to inquire at the Sullivan Lake ranger station about your firearms being allowed in this area. Above all, do not shoot a grizzly bear unless it is a matter of life and death. There are a lot of black bear there as well. Enjoy.

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    I am partial to the climbing area outside Vantage just off I-90. You can either climb, or my favorite, drink beer in an easy chair w/ umbrella watching others climb w/ a BBQ in the works.

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