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Thread: Where is your favorite camping spot?

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    One of the prettiest places we have camped is Jalama Beach off of Highway one between the 101 and Lompoc (the turn off, then 15-16 miles over to the Beach).

    I can't figure how to put in the images so I put them in as attachments. Sorry! The truck and camper in the first picture is mine.
    Yep, Jalama Beach is nice, BUT, chock full of (Los) Angelinos...And all their bad habits!

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    I prefer the more isolated camping spots in the Adirondaks (NY) like at Stillwater reservoir. Need a boat to get to them, but it's really nice. Of course, I also like to "primitive" camp on state land for less than ten days. Otherwise need to get permission from the state to camp on state land. It's all preserve land, so no motor vehicles or chain saws. It's really great!

  4. I can't name my 'favorite', but I'll add a recommendation. If you are ever in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, look for Snow Lake Campground. It's one beautiful spot.

    Why can't I name a favorite? Because I have great memories from every single place I've camped. I've been fortunate enough to pitch a tent in about twenty or so states. Mountains, deserts, prairies, grasslands, swamps...etc. I've loved them all.

  5. Just don't forget your bunny slippers!

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    There's a place out in Tarryall that I love to go to but I'm not telling you where it's at
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    There's a COE campground near Iowa city, ia that I really like called Sugar Bottom, only draw back is because it's Coe I can't carry. So I'll say my favorite is Waconda state park in ne mo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deltaroc View Post
    Just don't forget your bunny slippers!
    That sounds like a Mafia comment to me.

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    Try Pheasant Ridge Resort in west central Wi. They/we have some of the largest private sites in the US.

    Private sporting Clay course for events, A large 3D archery course through the woods, Pheasant, white tail, turkey, private stocked fishing areas. Pistol and rifle range available. (far from sites and select times)

    The resort is surrounded by other outdoor activities such as ATV trails, snowmobiling (the resort is open year round) Casino, canoeing, and some wonderful scenic golf courses and hiking.

    The sites are designed so the campers are in a private area with full hook up and can't be disturbed by events or other campers.
    Log Cabins, cottages, Park models, your campers, and cabanas can be owned and left year round by individuals who would like their own piece of the resort to customize for their private retreat.

    Cabins, Cottages, Private Campsites, Seasonal RV Sites and Park Model Cabins for Campers | Black River Falls, Wisconsin
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    I am always happy when I go to Tony Grove lake in northern Utah. There is a couple mile hike from there into White Pine lake (no motorized vehicle access) that is spectacular.

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    My favourite camping spot? -- why the carpark of Hilton Hotel!
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