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    If you like eco-adventure, I recommend to San Gorgonio wilderness camping is the best choice. Hiking enthusiasts will love it here, as many as 12 roads to choose from, you can also see along the way, such as sawtooth-like undulating hills. Altitudes up to 11,500 feet of climbing San Gorgonio peak is tantamount to adventure, but along the way the ecological integrity of wilderness protected area will give you compensation. The best campsite in Dry Lake Trail or the ground. In Grinnell Ridge camp is a good choice, Scottish forces husband Peak and scenic views of the canyon Santa Allah be seen. It was perfect.
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    I attempted to hike up that mountain when I was a kid... We asked a ranger for a day hike that wasn't too hard. We never made it... after about seven miles we noticed we still had at least that far to go.
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