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    Camping! WHERE!

    I had forgotten how hard it is to find a camping spot in Florida in the winter. I sit around all summer saying "Its to hot we will wait till it cools off to go camping" then cooler weather comes around and all the snow birds are here and all the state parks are full. I am not big on planing two months ahead when I want to go. But you need to any more, or its a shutout!!!
    When I retire I am going to move up North and drive slow!!

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    I feel your pain. Same holds true here in MI, (although not booked by Floridians). I have to get on line to make my reservations 6 months to the day of when I want to go or it won't happen. Really sucks for the person just wanting to travel and stop when tired. It doesn't help that I'm pulling a 30' fith wheel. Some days the old tent looks mighty appealing!
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