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    Looking for some information?

    I'M looking at getting a sound suppressor for a Ar-15 I have yet to own ( plan on building one) is one brand better then another? Can you buy a class 3 full auto lower? Or do you have to buy the whole class 3 gun? How does the whole class 3 system work? I know you have to buy the item and then send in the 200 tax stamp per item and then wait 90 days for it to come back from the ATF. But what if your turned down by the ATF can you get your money back for the items? I don't really want to drop close to 2k on items and paper work fee's just to lose it all. My long term goal is to put a PVS-14 night vision scope on the rifle and mount a PEQ IR laser and IR illuminate. Thanks for the information.


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    What the hell does pre-ban mean? Post ban? Says 11.5 pre-ban barrel kit? 20'' post ban barrel kit? I know at the risk of making my self seem like a dumb ***** for asking this but enlighten me please.


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    They have really screwed up the class 3 market. No new full auto firearms can be sold to the general public only to police agency's and the military. You can't build your own. You can only purchase class 3 firearms that are in the private sector. If you have a class 3 manufactures license you can build on and have it on hand as a sample firearm.

    On September 14, 1994 the gov placed a ban on so called evil Assault weapons. No flash hider, no bayonet lug or hi cap mags. If you owned a evil gun prior to that date you were grandfathered in and didn't have to worry about the evil features. Pre-ban barrels, those threaded for flash hiders and/or with bayonet lugs could still be bought and used on pre-ban firearms. Post-ban barrels were not threaded and didn't have bayonet lugs and could be used on either pre or post-ban firearms. On 9/13/2004 the Federal "Assault Weapons" ban expired and all the BS requirements went out the door.
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    Just be ready to spend more money than alot of new car prices to own an FA registered lower. The suppressors are not cheap either, if you want quality and sound reduction. both purchases require the Class III $200 tax stamp fee and separate form 4's and signatures and finger prints and photos.

    Contact a local Class III dealer and have a discussion with him or her.
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