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    8" squirrel blaster

    Iam wanting to build an AR with an 8" barrel and need to apply for a tax stamp. the person at the gun shop said it takes 3 to 6months to get a reply. I need to have the weapon completed when I send in the application. if they deny me they'll come and get my rifle. I have a CCW and many guns. would there be any reason someone would be denied and still be allowed to carry concealed and continue to buy guns? I just don't want a $600 gun to go POOF for some odd reason. also the girl I talked to said she had a class 10 liscence. is there such a thing?
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    Exclamation 3 months later....

    I'm only seeing this thread now.

    DO NOT build the SBR before you send in the form1.
    Give the specs (bbl length, overall length) on the form.
    Build AFTER it's approved.

    As far as I know, classX is explosives.

    Good luck.
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    Absolutely, do not build the gun until you have an approved Form 1. The Form 1 is downloaded from the ATF's website in the Firearms Forms section. It needs to be filled out per the instructions, signed off on by your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer. You then need to be finger printed and to submit the package to ATF along with your $200 check. Once its approved you can buy the upper or short barrel and attach it to your lower. The gun then needs to be engraved with your information.

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    If you're worried about losing it, don't tell them you have it. Not hard to figure out.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pustic:249800
    If you're worried about losing it, don't tell them you have it. Not hard to figure out.
    This is the kind of advice stupid people follow and end up in prison. Great addition to the conversation.


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    This isn't the first time his eloquence has graced this forum. A real piece of work!


  8. Just get a Kel-Tec PLR 16, cheapest way to go without having to get any stamps.

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