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    Exclamation silly question someasked me???

    If the end of a rifle is threaded to accept a lawnmower muffler, does that in fact make a lawnmower muffler a suppressor and is it regulated as such???

    I got asked this one at work and honestly did not have a good answer. I figured a lawnmower muffler would probably drop the amount of noise by about 20-30 DB but not really do much overall. Besides why would you want UGLY course threads on the end of you bang stick?

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    Is that about the same as asking the question "If a man alone in the woods speaks, and his wife cannot hear him, is he still wrong?"
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    Here's your answer:

    As for the "ugly course threads" on the end of the host firearm I would thread them to the thread pitch for an suppressor adapter, such as the Surefire, and manufacture a QD type attachement. This may be harder to accomplish and requires skilled manufacturing processes but it takes away the ugly factor of threads.

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    Or you can make any NFA weapon, except for machine guns (see
    below), by filing a Form 1, "Application to Make and Register a
    Firearm", and paying the $200 making tax, which applies to all of
    these weapons, including AOW's. You may not make the proposed
    weapon until the Form 1 is returned to you approved. The law
    enforcement certification, photos and fingerprints also apply to
    Form 1's, and in fact to any transaction to an individual.
    Additionally the manufacturer of any NFA weapon, including an
    individual making one on a Form 1 must mark the receiver of the
    weapon with the maker's name and city and state. NFA Branch can
    grant exemptions from this for DD's. All types of corporations,
    including corporate type 01 FFL holders, need not do the
    certification, photo and fingerprint requirements. Any of the
    forms listed, and the fingerprint cards, are available for free
    from ATF, either in Washington, D.C. or your local office.
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