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    Sent in all my paperwork on my mac10 last week to nfa already going crazy to get it back so I guess I will just sit and wait and wait and wait some more lol and anybody know the average time I heard 90 days is that right?

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    MAN Lucky you!! I know I would have a hard time waiting, i'd be stocking ammo accessoories etc like mad lol congrats!
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  4. Yea! 90 days about right. this year I got mine in that time limet

  5. Yes I am excited I received my card back showing they received all my papers now back to my waiting game again, I have looked at some accessories already tactical handle and extended mags. So I am getting ready

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    are you talking a full auto MAC-10? the waiting time on your NFA tax stamp on average is minimum 6 months ,average time is running 8+ months right now, unless this is a transfer between NFA stocking dealers.

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    I'm seeing 8+ month wait on my suppressors purchases. If you're getting a MAC-10 SMG, I would imagine a wait time greater than 90 days for you.
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  8. All NFA items take the same amount of time. The same process is done no matter the item. You are looking at at LEAST a 7 month wait currently.

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    April 11th will be 6 months from the date my check was cashed, when I called 2 weeks ago they said I should see my stamp in April.
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