New Guy Dumb Question about Cleaning Can
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Thread: New Guy Dumb Question about Cleaning Can

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    New Guy Dumb Question about Cleaning Can

    I have had an AAC M4-2000 for a couple years and after about a thousand rounds a couple weeks ago, I soaked it in a Dunk-Kit for a while, ran a nylon brush through it and felt pretty good about it. I have a bore light I use for inspections from time to time and decided to look inside the can and noticed some carbon build up along the curve of the baffle against the outside wall, and with my OCD about cleaning my firearms meticulously, this little bit of residue has been driving me nuts.

    Store that I bought it from told me to not even worry about it since it's not going to affect performance, manual says dunk and dry, no worries, stories after googling cleaning it all pretty much say the best maintenance on one of these is to just keep firing through it. One guy suggested wet firing a few times might help but it's not a big deal.

    Do you guys clean your cans, if so, with what, and how often?

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    Breakfree CLR and after ever time I use them

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