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    Just applied

    Well I just applied for my CCW yesterday. Anyone able to tell me how long it takes to get your permit in the mail? I'm really anxious to get it if you cant tell sorry.

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    I appllied last summer and got my permit in August after 80 days of waiting. I would like to think it is a little quicker now since things have slowed a little on the application front. CO state law says they have 90 days, to make a determination. Good luck and it is worth the wait.

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    Elkhuntco is right!

    It also depends on the county in which you live. Denver County seems to drag their feet until the last minute (90 days); but here in Adams County, they bust their butt to get you your CCW quickly.
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    I live in El Paso County

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    It took mine every bit of the 90 days last year here in the Springs.

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    Expect it to take close to 90 days and you won't be too crazy when it does. Mine took 67 days in Weld county last year and I was very happy.
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    xdsoldier, I live in Elbert County, and mine took 63 days but mine was delayed because the CBI kept rejecting my fingerprints! I have heard it is quicker now, so hopefully you will have your permit soon.

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