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Thread: Just got my Colorado CCW

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    Well 2 months and 2 days equal 62, so that would be less than 90
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    Cool Waiting over 90


    Apparently that is true however I was ignorant to that fact so I did not make a stink. The Sheriffs office at the time told me they had such a large amount of applications they just couldnt keep up.

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    CC application overload is a good thing. I would have cut them some slack for that anyway:icon_razz:

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    Mine took 38 days. Of course they called on a Friday saying I could pick it up on any Tues. or Thurs. and I was out of state at the time. But now I have it and have carried in many public places with no problems and it already feels natural for me. I feel funny going to work without being armed.

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