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    Non-Resident CCW

    Could anyone tell me the process for attaining a non-resident ccw. I have a resident Maine ccw. Do I need a different class? Does CO even issue non-resident? Thanks for the help!

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    What other states are you looking to travel/carry in? I believe Florida and Utah offer the most reciprocity/regconition from other states and both offer permits to non-residents.

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    CO doesn't issue to non-residents...except maybe if you own property or business there. CO does not honor the ME permit...and CO only honors resident permits of the states they do honor.

    So can not get any permit to cover you carrying in CO. In a car you are fine though.

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    As stated, CO does not issue to nonres and does not honor other states nonres permits. Open carry may be your only option in CO, except in the Denver area.
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    As stated above, non-res permits and Maine's permit are not allowed. You can carry concealed in your car and you can open carry.
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