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    Open carry is not allowed in city owend buildings in Colorado Springs
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    That's pretty typical in most local government buildings across the state. Pueblo has the same signage up on their buildings including on the lawn of the courthouse.
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    Check the CO page on here for the requirements to obtain a CO CCW permit. Open carry here is legal, with the exception of Denver. A few other cities have tried to add themselves to this (Aurora and Lakewood) however it is not legal. The CO Supreme Court only gave Denver the OC exception. Of course the only way to get this overturned is for someone to volunteer to OC in Aurora/Lakewood and get arrested. Don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Concealed Carry in your car is good with or without a permit.

    Also, CCW on college campuses is now legal. The prohibition was overturned and the colleges are afraid to challenge it at this time. If you are a college student they can prohibit keeping weapons in a college owned dormitory.

    Larimer County (North of Denver) where Fort Collins and Loveland are, is pretty gun friendly. There was an issue of an individual OC'ing in Loveland that was detained unconstitutionally, and the case was settled out of court. Basically the city of Loveland agreed they screwed up and instituted a training progam for it's personnel for dealing with OC people.
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