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Thread: Gunsmoke

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    Has anyone been there yet? Went there today, I guess it is cool, but if your not a high roller or part of the good ole boys club, it will be a quick visit there. Trying to talk with a sales rep there, and someone else comes in asking for Rich, and mid sentence the rep leaves me to cater to this guys needs. I found another guy to ask about a hunting rifle. So they walk me to there case, as they are opening it he asks me my budget, I tell him a thousand and he closes the door on me and tells me not here for a thousand.

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    I actually was planning on going there after watching their show on the Discovery channel but if that was your experience, then they can go screw themselves. Ill just keep going to 5280 armory 5 minutes away from there, or Gander Mountain, both of which where us "not worthy" common folk go and are respected.

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    Its kinda of cool to see. It kinda reminds me of the fine gun section at bass pro. But I could never buy anything there.

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    Where is 5280 armory? Is that the shop in parker?

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    Cabella's for me, or our local yet overpriced indoor range.
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  7. I find the show annoying. Not a big fan.

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    So the place is for guns snobs only? Good to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider-3 View Post
    Where is 5280 armory? Is that the shop in parker?
    Its in Arvada around 54th and Sheridan.

    Dont have to be a rich snob to go to this place.

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    I'm really not a fand of the show...They wine to much, they are the flashy side of the gun business...Everyone that they invite to the show has lots of money or a trust fund baby...

    I'm not saying that sons of guns are classy, but they are a bit more down to earth that gunsmoke.

    it is really cheese... 2 thumbs down to the show...

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    Cool thanks, I'm going to go check them out today.

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