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    Question can i carry in colorado, with a pa resident permit?

    Hi, my hubby is military and we recently moved to colorado springs. I was wondering if we are allowed to carry with our pa (resident) permit? I have seen some sites that say YES, but if you could provide a link from maybe the courthouse or something like that, it would be benificial, since we like to carry the paper work with us as well as our handguns. Thanks

  3. I have a quick question. I live in Ga and I do have a ccp, I understand that Co honors that permit as long as I live in the state of the permit. but my question is what are the laws in Co as far as carring goes. can I carry into a store or can I carry open, or on to national forrest where I will be hunting. I know that is alot but if any of you have any info to help this knothead...thanks

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    The law regarding carrying while hunting is that you can carry a sidearm while hunting as long as it is not concealed. It does not mention if you can conceal the weapon if you have a CCW permit. This is a regulation out of the CO Division of Wildlife hunting regs. It appears that you are fine to carry concealed in CO with your resident GA permit according to the reciprocity info on this site. Hope this helps.
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  5. thanks elkhuntco, that helps. I tried to research myself but the info seemed alittle ascure. thanks again.

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