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    If the weapon is properly concealed, how is the professor to know who has a weapon without resorting to scanners, wands or searches?
    Devin K. Noffsinger

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    Quote Originally Posted by tionico View Post
    What, is some creep wanting a gun going to follow one student from that classroom to some dark place in the woods, jump him, take his weapon, and escape with it?
    No, little timmy, said "creep" knows that all the residents of building XYZ are CCW holders. That knowledge can be easily exploited - as I did, numerous times, in the military. Again - stop thinking simple cause and effect; the world isn't that cut and dried.

    Quote Originally Posted by tionico View Post
    The article does not mention segregating all the armed students into one place, either.. the entire campus is a safe zone, as lawful carry is not only legal but accepted everywhere. So, what makes someone wanting a gun illegally watch "one building"?
    From the article - copied and pasted:

    Still, the university’s policy to segregate students in campus housing based on their concealed weapon status has gun rights advocates worried that university is creating a dangerous environment for both those carrying guns and those not.

    Quote Originally Posted by tionico View Post
    Further, I fail to grasp your point about "easy pickings" for those who would do harm to another..... how is an armed individual "easy pickings" for those wishing to do harm to another? Makes no sense.....
    Did you go to college? I'm thinking maybe not - that, or you're again thinking only a step or two ahead. In my State (Ohio), it is illegal to carry if you're drinking at all.. and most states that I've reviewed concealed carry laws for, there are generally prohibitions against carrying while intoxicated.. College students drink. I know that anyone walking out of building XYZ headed to the bar, is easy pickings.. there's a weapon in an unoccupied room.

    Quote Originally Posted by tionico View Post
    and you somehow think this prof cancelling a class on the basis of one lawfully armed student's presence would be "decidedly ugly"? How so?
    Decidedly ugly in that there's already enough silly business going on in the courts... As we've already had several people (Including you!) in the thread state, the prof claims he's going to cancel class if any student walks in, armed, and they'd happily walk in armed, just to see if he does it.. and if he does, proceed to hammer the guy legally. Then, we have a case of the CO Supreme Court's decision being flaunted in a state-subsidized school. Do you not see the potential for stupidity to ensue?

    Quote Originally Posted by tionico View Post
    The ugliest thing would be the prof getting sacked for refusing to uphold HIS end of his contract to teach... and refusing to submit to Colorado law. The "ugly" would accrue quickly to his own bank account.
    Again - stop thinking like a country bumpkin, you don't live in a world that simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by tionico View Post
    Plenty of qualified profs casting about looking for a teaching position.
    Oh, I agree. filling the professor's position wouldn't be difficult at all.. but the fallout from the whole shenanigans would be crazy. Prof cancels class, students sue, parents sue... and not only the professor, but the institution he works for.. then it turns into another one of these polarizing arguments that splits the country (like we don't already have enough of THAT!).

    So... Yeah, I think the Chancellor made a smart move. Made it clear that "this is the law, and we will abide by it".. neatly castrating the opinion of the professor in question, and heading off any potential legal action surrounding the prof's stated intentions.

    Sadly, I think that we're already too far gone. I wish that life were as simple as you seem to see it.

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    Although it is nice of the chancellor to put this professor in line, the chancellor is still against guns. He hates them. He is only doing what is required to keep his job by enforcing his campus policies, aka telling this professor to shut up.

    He is not advocating for gun rights, so dont get too excited.

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