July 2nd
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    July 2nd

    Got an interesting email today with the following announcement:


    On July 2, 2013, over 500 Colorado citizens will engage in an act of mass civil disobedience to demonstrate the foolish, arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional nature of the HB 13-1224 which will have gone into effect on the day before.

    These Colorado citizens will gather in a public park in Aurora, Colorado. Each of these citizens will bring a single unloaded regular capacity magazine of the type that has been in common use in Colorado and nation wide since the 1980s, and which each of them owned and possessed prior to the effective date of the statute. The United States Supreme Court has made CLEAR that law abiding citizens have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms that are in common use. There are millions of such magazines in Colorado, and they have been lawfully owned and used by Colorado citizens for defense, sport, target shooting, competition, and other lawful use for decades. Yet this property will have been transformed overnight into a form of contraband.

    At exactly 12:00 noon, these citizens will begin to pass their magazines to each other, one to the other, again and again, in contravention of Colorado's new prohibition against transfer of existing regular capacity magazines.

    The number of magazines will not change.
    The nature of the people will not change, nor will their non-violent nature.
    The fact these people are your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens will not change.
    The "lethality" of the crowd will not change.
    The danger "on the streets" will not change.
    The number of magazines in circulation will not change.
    The fact that the magazines have not been utilized to project violence or do any evil will not change.

    At any given moment, each person will be holding one magazine that existed on the day the law came into effect, just as they did when they arrived.

    But during the course of this organized civil disobedience, the crowd will be committing over 30,000 misdemeanors per minute. They will do so in direct and defiant challenge of a blatantly unconstitutional law, and will be prepared for arrest. In the event of arrests, each person will refuse to plea bargain and will insist on trial by jury. In conjunction, the gun rights organizations listed below will be assisting these individuals' legal defense, and bringing a constitutional challenge of the law both facially and as applied.

    This protest will occur contemporaneously with similar protests in other states where politicians have determined to run roughshod over Constitutional rights in an attempt to make a showing of "doing something" about violence, but who lack the courage and political will to take a close look at the mental health system and the systemic failures that resulted from phasing out institutional care while greatly increasing the dispensing of dangerous psychotropic drugs.
    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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    oooh. Sounds like fun

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    Great display of civil disobedience...hope they get arrested. I'd love to see this come to court. Kudos to those willing to take this action to uphold our civil liberties.

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    If I did not live so far away I would go there and stand with them!!!!!

  6. I like it! It illustrates well the idiocy of these new laws.
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