John morse Recall update.
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Thread: John morse Recall update.

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    Talking John morse Recall update.

    The petition to recall John Morse turned in more than double the necessary signatures to force a recall election.
    John Morse recall effort turns in 16,000 signatures |

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    Good Job Colorado. Somebody, at least 16,000 plus, has some sense.
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    That is so great. I wish every district would/could do this.
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    "Thousands of those signatures were obtained inappropriately," Morse said.

    "Inappropriately???" Typical liberal whining...
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    "Don't sign things from strangers." My favorite quote from this recall lol

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    The grabbers are going nuts over this. they needed 7000 or so signatures, they got 16000+. In the original election on 13,000 people voted. so Morse is gone and he knows it.
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  8. I bet he'll resign the day before an election would be triggered. This will allow the Democrats to appoint his replacement and avoid losing the seat to a Republican. It is always easier to run as an incumbent. I think the point still gets made. You cant ignore the will of the people for bloomberg bucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7lvo View Post
    "Thousands of those signatures were obtained inappropriately," Morse said.

    "Inappropriately???" Typical liberal whining...

    As an ex-Coloradoan, I'm sad to see what the Liberals have done to this beautiful state.

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