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Thread: Good place to rent?

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    Good place to rent?

    I'm looking to buy a new gun, but obviously want to try it out before I do. What ranges have a good selection of rentals so I can try as many as possible before buying? I live in Elizabeth, which is a ways out... I'm looking for things in Aurora, Parker, Castle Rock, or anything in that area. I know there's a range in Kiowa, and one out in Ramah, but I don't think they rent.

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    Whispering pines in Co Springs rents
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    I like BluCore, but they are a bit North (just N of Hampden, on Wadsworth (at Jewell).) Best wishes

  5. BluCore Shooting Center

    Hey telpinaro,

    A second vote here for the Blucore Shooting Center.

    A friend and I visited them for the first time last week and they were all extremely helpful. they have a huge selection of guns for rent (listed on their website with pics) and you can use any of their guns for $20 per hour. We ended up trying over 8 guns.

    I hope this helps,


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    Yeah, heard a lot of good things about Blucore... Over an hour away from me, but I might have to make the trip...

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    I know this thread is a few months old but in case you are still looking Silver Bullet in Wheatridge has a few rentals as well.

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    Wheatridge is even farther! lol

    Luckily I already found one. :)
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    Douglas County Firearms in Castle Rock is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock_Castle View Post
    Douglas County Firearms in Castle Rock is good.
    That's actually where I went... very helpful! Had a good selection of sub-compacts. Still an hour away, though... lol.
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  11. Centennial Gun Club. Near Centennial airport. South east suburbs of Denver. 38 lanes, rentals, instruction, gunsmiths. Just opened the new facility in January, 2014.

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