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Thread: Best Caliber for Concealed Carry

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    I wouldn't want to get shot with anything. Just looking a pistol should more than scare most people off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wa1hog View Post
    I wouldn't want to get shot with anything. Just looking a pistol should more than scare most people off.

    Ruger LCP
    That's a dangerous mindset to have. Because if you are ever confronted with a situation where the bad guy has a gun and you do happen to shoot him with a tiny caliber gun (in response to your "anything" comment) and only inflict pain upon him, then you are in a world of doo-doo. Because now you have a ticked off, wounded bad guy with a gun coming after you.... that is if he hasn't already shot you.

    We carry so we can stop whatever threat comes after us or our family. We shoot to stop the threat and continue to shoot until that threat has been stopped. We do NOT carry to ward away evil spirits by the sight of our gun. And we certainly do not present our guns as a means of scaring someone off, this is called brandishing.

    And concerning this Just looking a pistol should more than scare most people off. To a hardened criminal, no this wouldn't be enough to scare that person off especially if they were armed as well.
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    There is no gun with a one shot knock down capability, practice and find out which weapon you are comfortable with, personal preference is bigger is better, buy good equipment and practice. Become very familiar with what ever weapon you carry. Have the mindset to use said weapon, the BG does. Had a friend of mine killed in his gun store when shooters walked in the door shooting. If you are not skilled and practiced then do not carry.

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    SOME 9mm loads have considerably more ballistic energy than some .45 loads and they utilize that energy better, too. The corbon 100 gr 9mm has 1500 fps, which means 500 ft lbs, from a 5" barrel. Put a 230 gr ball .45 rd in a 3.5" barrel, and it gets a mere 720 fps, for barely over 250 ft lbs. furthermore, that low velocity (with 5" barrels, too, 850 fps) wont expand the jhp .45 in flesh. so it wastes 1/3rd or more of its power on the far side of the attacker. So dont kid yourself about the .45, or the slow, 180 gr .40's, as being superior to the 9mm. They are not. the 165 gr .45 Corbon and 135 gr .40's, yes, those are superior.

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    also, tho, I try to always point out that a 9mm is a pocket gun caliber. More powerful loads are very hard to control in rapidfire, when your gun is a pocket model. And if you are lugging around a belt gun, it can have quite a bit more power than the 9mm offers, if you will practice enough to be able to control it adequately. Do not "settle" for low velocity, 147 gr 9mm jhp's. The will not expand and they only have 250 ft lbs. Such pathetic performance, in .38 Special, is well proven to not suffice to stop men, even with good chest hits, quite often.

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