Magnum Shooting Center, north Colorado Springs
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Thread: Magnum Shooting Center, north Colorado Springs

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    Magnum Shooting Center, north Colorado Springs

    Anyone familiar with this company? Magnum Shooting Center | Indoor Colorado Shooting Range They will be opening a new range at the north end of the Springs near the new Bass Pro Shop come summer 2014.

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    I have met the manager and signed up to be a founding member. He's been in business as Lockburner Firearms for the past decade or so and is very friendly and knows his stuff. He's committed to being the best indoor range in the state. Looks like it'll be a great facility. Priced competitively (slightly less) with Whispering Pines but will be larger and in a lot more convenient location for those of us in the northern part of the city/county.

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    I'm a member of Whistling Pines but would be very interested in this range if I weren't. It looks like it's going to be very nice.
    By the way, WP will be opening a second location just west of I25 on Garden of the Gods (Elkton Drive) in a few months. According to the Gazette, it looks like there is going to be yet another rage opening sometime in the near future on Kelly Johnson Blvd., Majestic Mountain Range. Neat thing about MMR is that it looks like they are going to have an archery range as well as the firearms ranges.

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