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Thread: How long was your wait for permit?

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    My New York State Permit 8 months,my Pennsylvania permit 3 days, My Florida permit 34 days

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    Took me 80 days.

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    I had to wait 3 months for mine. I had to go before the board. Had to convince them I wasn't a criminal or lunatic. I had already purchased a gun and through the proper background check and why the delay is beyond me. I guess that's the way the system works!

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    About 15 minutes every time so far. You have to do it every year here in Alabama.

  6. I took the class on Saturday 6/11. Mail all the required paperwork on Monday 6/13. They received it on 6/16 and they cashed my check on 6/24. I received my permit in the mail on 8/11. Less then 60 days but felt like forever.

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    34 days. Elbert county. 2010
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  8. 39 days in Denver - just got it today!

    And FYI, while it's not necessarily something I'd advise for others, I didn't go to a CCW class, but did the online one which you can find through a google search. I've heard that some counties in Colorado don't accept that, but apparently it's not an issue in Denver.

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    Waited 40 days utah non-resident, idaho was 21 days.

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    I waited 95 days back in 2007, I didn't know that 90 day rule. Arapahoe county wouldn't call me back. I finally got ahold of someone at day 94 to tell me that mine is ready. I think they were hoping that I would forget about it and not have to issue it to me but keep they money

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    When I first got my CCW, the class was schedualed a week before I took the class, I have a friend that new someone that pushed our apps to the front of the line and had the actual permit in my hands 9 days later

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