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Thread: How long was your wait for permit?

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    Douglas county CO waited 2.5 weeks. They were real fast.

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    I applied and 17 days later it was in. Then sent off for my Utah non-resident permit on 6/28/2012 and received it 8/17/2012.

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    El Paso County - Took class in mid-February, had interview (fingerprints, photo, turn in application) with S.O. in June (by appointment only), received permit by mail August 1. But, it's done.

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    Mine took 2 1/2 weeks in Douglas County.

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    It took me almost 90 days to get my CCW permit. I believe part of the delay was caused by the procedures in the Sheriff's office where I applied. They told me I was approved almost 4 weeks before I got the permit. It took them that long to make the card. Maybe they only make cards once a month, I never found the reason.

  7. Boulder County - I got the call to come in for finger printing 7 weeks after filing all the paperwork. CCW permit in hand less than 60-days after filing and I filed 2 days after the Aurora theater shooting so the number of permits requests were much higher than normal.

    PS - Boulder Co does say it out-right that they will take all 90-days before you get your permit. I'm happy they made an exception this month :)

  8. About 10 minutes.

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    El Paso County - 60 days after the interview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maine04619 View Post
    About 10 minutes.
    Where was that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmodavis View Post
    Mine took 2 1/2 weeks in Douglas County.
    Was this recently? I applied this week and was told to expect 30 days plus. Anyone recently apply and receive from Douglas County?

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